Our Story

Meet Tricia

Dedicated and compassionate, Tricia brings to Barjea Skincare a rich career in healthcare spanning over 20 years.  Grounded in principles of integrity, quality, and stellar professionalism, she stands as a testament to committed healthcare service—an Air Force Veteran here to serve you in your skincare journey.

But Tricia’s approach goes beyond professional expertise. A personal experience stirs the soul of her practice. The studio’s name ‘Barjea’ is a heartfelt ode to her mother, BARbara JEAn, who fought bravely but succumbed to breast cancer in 2008. Inspired by her mother’s unyielding strength, Tricia emboldens her clientele who may be facing similar trials.

Facing the trials of life, like chemotherapy and radiation, can take a toll on your skin. But remember, your skincare journey is never about mere appearance. It’s about resilience. It’s about honoring the strength inside you, reflecting it outside. Even as my mother’s skin transformed through her battle, she remained the radiant spirit she was, her strength shining through. You too can face such challenges and emerge stronger, carving your unique skin care journey. Invest in self-care, tend to your skin, and see how it mirrors your inner spirit. Turn your trials into triumphs; let skincare be your silent ally in your life’s battles. Start today and reclaim the glow that life tried to dull. You are stronger than you know.

Barjea Skincare isn’t just a skincare studio—it’s a beacon of care, empowering its clients to conquer their skincare challenges and shine in their unique beauty. Under Tricia’s proficient consultation, you’re not just receiving exceptional skin care services; you’re participating in a legacy of resilience and love.

Let Tricia guide you through your skincare journey at Barjea Skincare, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Connect with her today and start writing your own success story in skincare.